Stage and Screen Travel Services

Stage and Screen Travel Services
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 At Stage and Screen, we are the strength behind the scenes

Born from the need for specialised travel requirements and our passion (borderline fanaticism) for the entertainment industry, we built a team matched to our clients. From corporate high volume group bookings to VIP travel, we’re hands on in taking care of the detail and we work to tight schedules planned around you.

Add to this a client retention rate that almost matches our staff retention rate, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more driven and energetic bunch who care about your production as much as we do.

•    Access to Entertainment Rates that give you the best possible value
•    Specially negotiated accommodation rates and inclusions
•    VIP travel and special requests
•    Group travel logistics
•    Superior rates on long-term accommodation and vehicle hire
•    Specially negotiated luggage allowances and rates for production gear
•    Onsite Travel Manager

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